Javascript VS TypeScript : Going Back to JavaScript and stop using TypeScript

Javascript VS TypeScript : Going Back to JavaScript and stop using TypeScript


In recent years, TypeScript has emerged as a popular choice for many developers due to its extra layer of static typing. However, this article will explore the reasons why you should reconsider using TypeScript and shift back to pure JavaScript. We aim to spark thought-provoking discussions and encourage users to share their opinions in the comments section.

React.js was written with Javascript


Simplicity and Flexibility:

JavaScript, being a dynamically typed language, offers a greater degree of flexibility by allowing developers to write code more intuitively without the overhead of type annotations. By reverting to JavaScript, developers can embrace the simplicity of the language, focusing solely on achieving desired outcomes rather than wrestling with complex type systems.

Rapid Prototyping:

One of the major drawbacks of TypeScript is its learning curve and initial setup time. JavaScript, on the other hand, provides an ideal environment for rapid prototyping, enabling developers to quickly iterate and experiment with different ideas. Returning to JavaScript would empower developers to hack together ideas faster and get immediate feedback.

Larger Talent Pool:

TypeScript, being a relatively new addition to the JavaScript ecosystem, limits the available talent pool of developers. By embracing JavaScript, you open up opportunities to collaborate with a larger community of developers who are proficient in the language. This advantage not only facilitates better knowledge sharing but also enhances the potential for finding skilled team members and contributors.

Reduced Code Complexity:

Although TypeScript promotes type safety and catches potential errors during compile-time, this additional layer of complexity can make the codebase harder to understand and maintain. In contrast, JavaScript's dynamic nature allows for more concise and readable code, reducing overall complexity and improving collaboration within development teams.

Vibrant Ecosystem:

JavaScript boasts an extensive ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, and tools carefully crafted over the years. While TypeScript does support JavaScript libraries, not all of them have TypeScript type definitions readily available. By transitioning back to JavaScript, developers gain access to a vast array of battle-tested resources and community-driven solutions.

We hope this article has ignited a conversation, and we eagerly await your thoughts and comments on this topic ?

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