React Js Developers Create a Email Editor with React-Quill

React Js Developers Create a Email Editor with React-Quill

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Need to create a new email template settings page that allows users to edit email templates using the react-quill library. This library provides a rich text editor component for React applications. The goal is to use react-quill to allow users to modify the message content of an email template.

The email template settings page should provide a user interface where users can see and edit the email template. The react-quill ( component will be used as the editor for the email template message.

The email template message should be saved in the settings so that it can be retrieved and used later when sending emails. It is important to ensure that the updated template message is properly saved and associated with the correct email template.


GitHub Issue link :


Additional context

Additionally, this page should support editing multiple templates. This means there should be a way to switch between different email templates and update their respective message content using the react-quill editor.

By following these guidelines, you can create a fully functional email template settings page that allows users to customize and save email templates using the react-quill library.


How You Can Help

To get started, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit our GitHub repository and familiarize yourself with the project structure, codebase, and existing features.
  2. Locate the relevant issue titled "feat : Create New Generic Upload Controller #412"
  3. Fork the repository to your own GitHub account. Implement the required changes in your forked repository. Once you're satisfied with your changes, submit a pull request to our main repository


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